Ifesinachi is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, passionate about creating innovative businesses.

She is a published author, screenwriter; and Founder of Auditions.ng (a Jobs.com for the Nigerian entertainment industry) and Copyshop (a digital leadership brand, positioning CEOs & Execs as thought leaders in the digital space).

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I’m Ify. Creative Rebel. Tiger. Philosopher. Aspiring Genius.

And by genius, let me attempt to define: A genius is someone who is not afraid of trying – they find happiness doing everything (I mean, EVERYTHING) they set out to do and are not afraid to take risks.

They flit from project to project, because they can be passionate about many things at the same time. Many creative geniuses struggle with a feeling of frustration and inadequacy (grammar!), but the real geniuses embrace how unique they are and live happily ever after rebelling against the natural law of single-dimensionality. :D

Let me tell you a story…

I grew up in a little town South of Nigeria, the first among five children and a straight-A student. Everyone thought I would make a great doctor, but deep inside me, I was always unsure what I wanted to do, because I wanted to do so many things, and luckily, I had the skills for many of them. So I kept trying to ‘fit’ into everyone else’s idea of a genius. But it only left me dissatisfied and miserable.

That is until I grew up, embraced the inner creative rebel in me and began my journey towards ultimate ingenuity. I am a keen observer and collate my thoughts and lessons here.

It may sound crazy (actually, it does sound crazy), but if I were to write my CV in bullet points, it would look like this:

– Fiction writer & Scriptwriter (I get paid for this)

-Marketing Communications  (I get paid for this)

-Artist (I try sha)

Business(es) owner (I get paid for this)

-Mummy & Wifey (I get paid with more work and Saturday movies)

-Etc, etc, etc ( I should get paid for this)

I’ve got a published novel titled The Domestication of Munachi, a couple of produced films and tv content out, businesses running, and a full time job. Plus towards the end of last year, the Nigerian Writers Awards listed me as one of the top 100 influential writers under 40 in Nigeria.

By the way, my idea of fun is working on my laptop brainstorming a new idea or vacationing by the beach side with my nose buried in historical romance and my left finger dipped into a bowl sweetened yogurt garnished with thinly sliced exotic fruits :lol:

(When I was much younger I used to fantasize about living in a library filled with novels and peeled oranges *covers face*)…

How YOU Fit Into the Bigger Picture

My No. 1 most frequently asked question of all time, “How do you find the time to do everything you do?”

My answer – *scratches head* …umm, buy more hours? Or become a student of productivity.

I am a firm believer in the power of one’s mind, time stealing, doing ALL you love, eating what you love  and challenging oneself. I also believe we have not scratched the surface of what we are capable of achieving if only we can just look at life with deeper meaning.

This is what 30 Shades of Genius offers – a platform to show you that you are much more than you think you are through my own lessons on life, creativity and entrepreneurship!

From the bottom of my Christian heart, I offer many, many goodies for free that I hope will help you achieve more, be happier, and more fearless of the big, bad, future :cool: .

Seriously, chill with me and these other amazing folks I will introduce you to, and you will be amazed how much closer you’ll get to the genius mark ;)

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By the way, pop me an email (or a hundred) anytime. I’m a genius. I’ll read them all ;) .

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