Let’s face it. Many of us went through 2016 like zombies, too dazed by the skyrocketing of the dollar vs. Naira market price :shock: . I know I did. But this year, some of us have hung this one thing around our necks like a dog collar.

If you argue with me about the other things you need to succeed such as faith, ima mmadu (who-know-who), etc, you will not be wrong at all. But as this is my blog, and I can do what I like, grab a chair and sit down let me tell you what I have discovered.

How Powerful is your Mind?

Your brain, mind, whatever you decide to call it…this is what you need in 2017.

Your brain is needed for more trivial things than to pass exams or to con your boss into believing you were ill when you were busy watching Telemundo on Monday morning (side-eyeing you right now).

The brain is more than a house for your intellect, what people refer to as ‘intelligence’; it also houses your willpower (ability to cut an entire grass of field if you so desire), your memories, and surprisingly, feelings! It houses your mind. If this is true, you need your brain to struggle up from your bed in the morning when all you want to do is snooze that nasty alarm.

Narrowing down to your willpower…

Others call willpower self-control, motivation, self-control, and so much more.

I found a definition too: According to those people who have plenty sense, The American Psychological Association, willpower is “the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals.”

All the “I will”, “I won’t” can be summarised in your brain, and there is something in our brains that get rewarded when we ‘give in’.

Think about it. Who wouldn’t like to stay in bed all day long and do nothing at all? I know I will. If you decide to give in, you will probably feel great for the time being, but not the next day when your to-do list looks like this:

Overcoming Overwhelm

Same thing when you give in to have one extra portion of that chocolate-strawberry dribble goodness of a cake your colleague places in front of you. L

You will feel good one moment, because you let your willpower down and gave in to the feel-good portion of your brain, but chances are, when you need to hit the gym, boys won’t be smiling.

What to do about it?

Coaching your Mind…

Notice how I keep using the mind and the brain interchangeably?

Did you know that you can coach your brain to achieve more than it would in a day? For example, I am a big complainer about there being only 24hours in a day and a lot of things to do. You should hear me complain.

Here am I whining:


  • Aaarghh just 24hours in a day…
  • Need to complete boss’ work…
  • Need to eat…need to sleep…
  • Need to work out or at least, deceive myself that I am thinking of working out
  • Need to call Baby Z (my daughter) and Baby E (my son) or DU (my Oga)
  • Need to send ten messages to clients…
  • Need to do this…need to do that…

My Inner Kermit: (Madam stop complaining. Just work on your brain.

True, that’s all there is.

With a little extra willpower you can coach your brain and everything else to achieve your goals in time.


Your willpower can be strengthened with deliberate exercises, the same way you commit to your 6-pack body goals. Your body goals and all other goals begin in your brain.

Again, let me repeat: you can strengthen your willpower with exercises; see here for more details:  https://blog.bufferapp.com/willpower-and-the-brain-why-its-so-hard-to-avoid-temptation .


First though, you must be self-aware.

Without going all science-ish, there is a portion of your brain that conveys messages to your brain, and that portion can be re-calibrated to believe that:

  • You can do much more in 24hours.
  • You are not as tired as you think you are
  • You are fulfilled with what you’ve achieved today.

And if you don’t believe me yet, we’ll try a simple exercise tomorrow, so you better check back.



List 5 things you wish you can change about yourself. Let’s gist about it below:


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